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Complex VLSI computer chips and smart devices continue to shape our daily lives, solve pressing problems, and create new opportunities. My research helps making future chips and smart devices more powerful, more reliable and more energy-efficient. Information technology is a global business. That is why I'm committed to educate our future generation of engineers and researchers towards a critical yet open mind-set and the skills to flourish on a planetary scale. Find out more about my activities on this site.

High-Performance VLSI Simulation

Parallel Simulation Illustration Together with my colleagues from University of Stuttgart, Germany, we are currently developing new logic-level and transistor-level simulation algorithms running on graphics processing units that provide enormous performance boosts over classical algorithms for various applications in test, diagnosis and power estimation. As data movement (e.g. memory accesses) are now much more costly than computations themselves, these new algorithms focus on efficient memory organization and data management to provide maximum simulation speed.

Smart Rehabilitation Devices

Innovation Forest Logo Recovering after an accident, an operation or a serious illness takes a lot of time and effort. In rehabilitation, patients conduct a series of exercises under supervision of a trainer to re-gain strength and mobility. Together with Moriwaka Medical and Kanmon Health Center in Shimonoseki, we develop new methods to objectively monitor the rehabilitation progresses in order to help trainers and physicians adapting the training programs better to the individual needs of their patients.

Virtual Global LAB

Vlab Illustration For graduates to thrive in our globalized world, proactivity, creativity, flexibility, communication and intercultural experience are essential. The Virtual Global LAB brings students from different universities, various backgrounds, countries and cultures together to work on common projects and conducting exciting research. Fostering design thinking, self-governed problem-solving and an open, safe and tolerant culture, V-LAB provides ideal training environment for the next generation of researchers and engineers.

Logic Diagnosis

Logic Diagnosis Illustration Logic diagnosis is the task of finding defects within a logic circuit based on its faulty behavior. Fast and accurate algorithms for logic diagnosis are an integral part of modern chip development. Based on a new fault modeling approach, I developed a new location-based diagnosis approach called POINTER, which can identify defective structures on the chip even if the chip operates unpredictably. POINTER performs much better than previous methods and enabled logic diagnosis on extremely compacted test responses for the first time.

Dependable Systems Research Center

DISC Logo The mission of the Dependable Integrated Systems Research Center (DISC) is to foster basic research for the next generation highly reliable and high-quality integrated systems, and to spear-head their application for creating the safe and secure information society of the future.

Kyushu Institute of Technology

KIT Logo KIT is a public university located in southwestern Japan. It enjoys excellent reputation in industry and a very high employment rate of its graduates. KIT is pushing strongly for innovative forms of training, internationalization of its learning environment and global competency of its graduates. Cutting-edge research is conducted in many fields including computer science, biotechnology and aerospace.